About Me

Inspired by Isson Tanaka, a famous Japanese painter of the Showa era, ChiFung Wong created beautiful illustrated floral artworks drawn from the atmospheres of Macau, Japan and New York, three cities he holds dear to his heart. His sensitivity to air, color, and scent were derived from his hometown and origins of Macau. He was inspired by Isson Tanaka during his college days in Japan, and whose artwork impressed him to no extent with its uniques style in color and lighting that gradually led him to pursue the Japanese painting technique, New York City became an invigorating place for him to produce art as he gains new passions and visual sensations with each passing day in the city.

ChiFung Wong was born in Macau and educated in Japan. He received his Ph.D in Fine Art at Kyushu Sangyo University Japan in 2006 and certificate at National Academy School of Fine Art New York in 2013. He has exhibited his artworks in Japan, The United Stated, Britain and Australia in hopes of spreading his paintings.